Name of Allah Canvas

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Product Details: 
Dilara is the name of a young girl from Germany. She's still at school and has ambitions to be an artist. So we thought, why not just give her a platform on Nasheed Club so she can peacefully reach out to amazing people like you? Thats what we did. This is her first professional piece and only 5 are available. Help support a young Muslima reach her dreams.

Dilara's Instagram: @d.edr

20cm x 20cm x 2cm

Look after me: 
Canvas edge tighteners included. Easily tighten as needed.

Nasheed Club brings you products handcrafted by some of the poorest families in the world. By buying one of our products you're helping someone in need, not only by putting money in their hands but by helping them establish themselves towards a future where they no longer need to be dependent.