6 tips from a 25 year old to a 15 year old

Dear friend,

Here are 6 things I wish someone told me when I was 15. Now I am nearly 25 and run my own companies, so trust me, if you listen to what I have to say, you will be a step ahead of all of your other 15 year old counter parts.

1. Parents will always give the safest option

When you're young, everyone thinks you're naive. And instead of nurturing you to make your own choices, most of the time parents want their children to make the safest option. Just understand that your parents are humans and make mistakes too.

This doesn't mean you disrespect their opinion, all I am saying is, understand what your parents are there for. Parents are supposed to teach you morals. Your mentors are going to teach you how to make money. And your spiritual guide is supposed to teach religion. Do not mix and match. (Unless of course your parents are also millionaires and you want them to also take over the role of mentor)

2. Most of your current best friends will just be another contact in the phone book

This is hard to believe but so easy when it happens. When you've been around the same group of friends since year 7, and you see them every single day for 5 years, you'd think that they will be your friends for life. But it only takes 2-3 weeks after school finishes that you realise that sometimes they were only your friend because you saw them everyday.

Make friends, but priorities the more important things in life. Like your parents and education. Don't ever choose your friends over your parents.

3. Going to school doesn't guarantee you'll get a job

You should definitely choose education over wasting time with useless friends that you won't even speak to after you leave school/college/university. But by education, I don't mean school education. 

Let's face it, school education is super good at teaching how to solve problems but, it doesn't do a great job at the basic life skills you will need when you're out in the real world. Do you know how and when to tell the government about your employment status? Do you know what the national insurance number is for? Do you know that you only receive a percentage of your pay because the government will take a cut before you even receive the money? Do you know what to do when you see someone get abused?

4. Someone will break your heart 

If someone hasn't already broken your heart, they will, and it will hurt. But I promise, you will get through it and in the end you'll be 10x stronger. Heart break is good for you

5. Life is very expensive

Don't let anyone convince you that money doesn't matter. Having a house matters, having a car matters, having food matters, having cloths matter. Guess what, they all cost money. Marriage, new babies, funerals. Everything is expensive.

6. Start monetising your hobby early

I really wish someone told me to pursuit my dreams when I was 15. I used to leave for school at 7am and get back home by 4pm. After taking a couple of hours away for chores and entertainment, I still had 3 hours left to do with as I please.

If a 15 year old can can spend 3 hours a day (7 days a week) on a personal business project. That gives him/her 21 hours a week (more than a part time job) to try to make money with something he/she already loves doing.

Gaming? Make-up? Golf? Football? Sewing? It could be anything, and if done correctly, in just 21 hours a week it could end up making the 15 year old more money than his school teachers by the time he graduates.

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